What you don't know about the plot to

destroy America's
middle class.

Daring patriots are prepared to save it.
What great perils will they face? And who will help them?

Return of the Founding Fathers' Guardians
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Historical and present-day facts build an exhilarating story about the challenges of saving our country. Burke embeds countless real events, some unheard before this novel, creating an action packed thriller, and perhaps a new market niche.

The Story

A small group of men and women, fed up with the oppression that grips this once great country, is determined to set the nation back on course. They are patriots with a mission to create fairness, truth and hope by reestablishing the economic opportunities that our society once enjoyed.

To achieve this, these loyal Americans must fight a heart-pounding modern day war. They face corrupt forces desperate not to lose control of the middle class - the government of the United States, and those who run some of the largest organizations on earth will stop at nothing to end this resurgence.

For the first time ever, this explosive thriller outlines a biblically correct explanation of how we might see The Return of The Founding Fathers.

“A thriller from beginning to the end!
Is it far-fetched or is it already unfolding before our eyes?”
Jim Hawley President, Hawley Consulting Group
"I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to read Return of The Founding Fathers' Guardians by David Burke, and thoroughly enjoyed the action and intrigue of the story. The book seems to fit well with the climate of today. A novel worth reading."
"David Burke has lived the perfect American 'come back' story. He has taken his significant life setbacks and has been able to use his story to transform people and processes. I have had the pleasure of working with him over the past 7 years seeing first hand his exceptional story telling skills in action."
"Readers' Favorite - Book Reviews and Award Contest" gave Return of the Founding Fathers' Guardians 4 stars and a great review. Read the full review here.
David Burke, Author of Return of the Founding Fathers' Guardians

The Author

Dave Burke, a husband, father, Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and inventor, came from humble beginnings and felt huge satisfaction building a family business, providing products to over 25% of the world automotive market. He felt assured of providing abundance and security for his own household.

When his fortunes dramatically reversed, he did not have millions, but was nearly destitute, forced to sell the custom designed, handicapped accessible house newly built for his daughter. Fighting to provide, he had to reinvent himself several times.

Along the way, Dave came to understand the plight of the middle class and the malevolent plans for its dissolution, and was inspired to write this first novel of the action packed, thrilling series, Return of the Founding Fathers.

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