Reflecting back

Over ten years ago, I predicted that a real estate billionaire non-politician, who acts more like a general than a politician would win the presidential election by a landslide of 306 electoral votes. The premonition was so strong I outlined this in my first book, “RETURN OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS’ GUARDIANS,” that was published before the presidential election. At that time, I also predicted that this mid-term election would conclude with the new President’s party maintaining the Senate. I’m writing today to say, I stand by that prediction.

Why did I make this prediction? Well, if you read anything about me, several of the predictions came from premonitions, or visions, or whatever you want to call them, so I give thanks for them. By the way, my premonitions came with no indication of political party and that’s why I don’t mention any political party in my books.

The message to me was that the country was going to be given a spiritual awakening and undergo a spiritual revolution. For that to continue, the President needs both the House and the Senate.

Also, ten years ago, I predicted the presidential election and predicted the President’s party would maintain the Senate in this midterm election.

Let’s see if a ten-year-old prediction based on economics – with guiding spiritual help, holds true.

If you’re wondering what kind of economic analysis I did to make the predictions, it’s based in chapter eleven in my book. That chapter outlines the financial impact of laws, regulations, taxes and other things that impacted the middle class. It predicted that the economics would impact enough voters for the President to get 306 electoral votes.

The middle class had no choice but to vote for themselves economically, because they were on the verge of having to reduce their lifestyle because the amount of their money that was taken away from them.

Part of the analysis says that, following the model of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people first need security before they can think about other things. When their security is threatened, they’ll secure themselves first. So many people were on the verge of losing what they had, they had no other choice but to let it happen to them or to get out and vote for the only economic chance they had. In this previous election, the most important thing was financial security (most couldn’t afford to give any more) and things like border security were secondary indicators.

The human desire to have security, maintain what they have and strive for more is what was a backbone of the economic analysis that will drive voting behavior until the average person has enough discretionary income to focus on other things on the scale of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The party and individuals that understand this, will rule the political world. It’s different analysis than only using the polls which dominate the way predictions are made. This economic analysis can be used in conjunction with polls. But, that VOC (Voice of the Customer) analysis that would get us off track here.

I will add that an advanced copy of my manuscript was sent to Donald Trump during the summer before the presidential election at a time when he was way behind in the polls. I received no response, so I have no idea if he ever received or read it. However, I do know that shortly after that, his message seemed to focus more on financial impacts, he changed some things that matched the character in my book and my editor contacted me saying she believed Trump quoted my book. Shortly after that, he surged in the polls. Now, I know that sometimes things in the universe work in ways where people that aren’t connected in any way begin to think alike. So, it could have been a coincidence. Who knows.


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