Answer to reader’s question about “Donald”

A reader asked, “is there any relationship between the name of Donald Krieger in the book and Donald Trump?” Saying in part, “with so much truth and a number of prophetic things in the book, is it more than coincidental that the name of a hero is Donald?”

Excellent question. The answer is simply yes!

Let me explain. When I had the premonition that a billionaire non-politician was going to run for and become the next president of the United States and win in a landslide with more than 300 electoral votes, the name of “Donald” came to me at that time.

It seems so clear today, though back then it wasn’t that clear to me. You see, at the time I was living in the barn that’s depicted in at the beginning of the book. That barn and estate are described, to the best of my ability, exactly as they’re depicted in the book. There was no internet.

When I received the premonition, I heard the name of Donald loud and clear. Not knowing anything about Donald Trump, several thoughts ran through my mind including, I could go to a library and do research and find a billionaire named Donald and write his name into the book. Then my humanness got in the way and that led to my thought process telling me what if I write a whole book about this guy named Donald and he doesn’t become the president… who would believe a guy named Donald could become president… Face it, before Donald Trump, the name Donald doesn’t sound like a tough name.

What was crystal clear to me was that this person named Donald was a very compassionate man, just as the character of George is depicted in the book. In addition to those traits, the Donald I envisioned is dynamic, a leader among leaders, tough as nails and will fight like a military man for (to use a historic phrase), truth, justice and the American way.

Again, my thoughts circled. Who could believe that someone so tough and bluntly straight talking, with deliberateness of purpose, like I envisioned, could win the election and become President of the United States?

Remember this was over seven years ago, now.

I also had to write a captivating book that could sell enough to reach my goal to become a mega-best seller and a movie… As I formulated ideas in my mind of what to do, I went with the idea of splitting the character into two characters. The character of Donald Krieger is actually also, the character or alter-ego of George (a play off Washington-like) in the book.

If you even look at the description of “Donald Krieger”, he’s very close to the real description of Donald Trump. Trump is listed at 6’ 3” and weighing somewhere around 230 or more pounds and loves military people. The description of “Donald” in the book says he “stood 6’ 2”” and although a quick search didn’t reveal an exact weight, it did use words like, “thick” “sturdy” “broader” and “distinguished career.” And even “save the country from this mess.”

So, the answer to the inquiry is yes, the character of “Donald” Krieger in the book is actually a way to capture the indominable fighting spirit of the billionaire, non-politician who becomes President.

So, that’s the story behind the story of the character named “Donald” in the book.

Here’s a few quotes from the book, that were all written before Donald Trump even announced he was running:

Chapter 30, “Donald Trump are two acclaimed attendees.” I choose over seven years ago, to show that the character running for president was being split into two characters.

“save the middle class”

“close the borders”

“when closing borders, crossing points would be erected for ease of access across the border, especially for people wanting to enjoy citizenship.” So “people can legally come across the borders safely”

Ch 74, “huge margin of victory was fueled by the largest voter turnout” “majority in the house and Senate”

“This is the first time in over a century that fiscally responsible people will control our government.”

I hope this gives you more insight into the characters of George and Donald as they appear in RETURN OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS’ GUARDIANS.

Great question!

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