Censoring has spread to your daily life

Censoring occurs in many ways including what search engines show you, what they don’t show you, what’s totally blocked and a new means of censoring is price manipulation.

As I write this blog, my book price on Amazon shows the used book price is$58.45, we’ve filed multiple complaints when the price was $49.95 and the price went up. The price on my book has had multiple “issues” including the book price showed $620 for about a month. Yes, that isn’t a typo, it was showing six-hundred and twenty dollars and change. The actual current price is supposed to be $14.76.

If these pricing issues were random, for every price that was too high, there would be a price that’s too low. That’s not the case.

It’s also interesting to realize that my book won a Readers’ Favorite award and the kindle version moved into the best-seller list while the paperback price had these “mistakes.” Do you believe there are any books pushing the establishment agenda that have these same pricing mistakes? I’ve searched and have never seen a single book that pushes the globalist agenda have similar price.

Price manipulation is a form of censoring the globalists use to stop the truth from getting out and to stop the flow of money to authors who don’t fall in line with their plans for global economic control.

You may wonder, what’s in my book that the establishment doesn’t want to get out? How about the short description in chapter eleven that shows how half of the remaining middle class was going to be forced out of their current life style and into a lower class unless someone stopped the globalists.

Trump is about to get involved. After a tip, Trump did a Google search on himself, he was surprised at the obvious censoring (hiding) of his good deeds while stories sensationalizing fake (unproven) story lines dominated the searches. Censoring is not only what they tell you, it’s what they don’t tell you and don’t let you hear. People like Alex Jones, Candace Owen, Kanye West (ex: calling Trump a matrix-breaker) and many others who expose the truth are being censored.

Trump is contemplating an executive order to investigate social media giants for censoring people who aren’t willing to go along with the globalist narrative. The globalist agenda is to take money from the middle class and funnel it to themselves, while maintaining barriers to fair trade so they can run their businesses in countries where they can pay extremely low wages, enjoy almost no environmental or health and safety laws and where they can take as much of the profits as they wish.

My book series is designed to create a new and unique niche in the marketplace. That niche is to create a series of modern-day intriguing suspense filled thrillers that imbed historic and current day facts to entertain the reader with endearing characters while giving the reader some small facts so you realize what the globalist agenda is doing to them and will do to you and your children. Every person in my books are real people or combinations of real people and every place is a real place. Every historical fact is real to the best of my ability to write it based on my research.

So, enjoy the stories and learn a little. The sequel is in process and should come out in 2019.

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