My near-death experience – my journey down the tunnel… and back

As death loomed, I suddenly found myself going down ‘the tunnel.’ You know, it’s often described as a tunnel with a light at the end. Well here’s my experience in the tunnel.

I floated, moving forward down the tunnel. Looking to my left and I could see a different world. It was a spirit world, with spirits moving about.

I looked to my right and saw more of that same spirit world.

Continuing to move forward I focused straight ahead. Now I could see the end of the tunnel, the opening into the spirit world.

As I approached the end of the tunnel, I could see hills, they appeared light blue, there were no trees. It was a different dimension. Spirits moved freely about and I had a feeling that they were at peace.

There were lots of these spirits. They had no arms or legs. They did appear to have a kind of head with two light roundish circles that appeared to resemble what we would call eyes.

I was nearing the end of the tunnel when I received this feeling of absolute knowledge – it communicated with me.

If I crossed out of the tunnel and into the spirit world, there would be no turning back.

I kept moving forward, a little slower now.

At the end of the tunnel, just inside the spirit world, there were a few spirits on the right side. I knew with certainty they were my ancestors and I understood they were there for me. One came forward. It positioned itself just in front of the others. Now this one was right at the very edge of the spirit world, where their world began and the tunnel ended. The spiritual entity communicated with me.

“It is not your time yet… When it is your time, more of us (my ancestors) will be waiting for you.”

I was very close to the end of the tunnel.

Without questioning, I stopped. I was as peace.

I remember looking around at the spirit world and then the knowledge came again, ‘if you take one step out of the tunnel and into the spirit world, there is no returning.’

I looked at the spirits of my ancestors. Pure love radiated from them.

The slightest move forward at that point may have taken me into their world, the point of no return.

There was no questioning. They wanted or knew I should go back to this world.

After taking one more look around, I looked at them. Again, there was peace.

With their help, I made my decision and decided to turn around.

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