RETURN OF OUR COUNTRY; Author statement:

In 2007 I had a premonition. The vision of what was going to happen in the country was so strong, I decided to write about it. I had never written a book before, but as I began to write, I realized it would take two books.

The newly releases book, RETURN OF OUR COUNTRY is the second of those books. It can be read as a sequel or a stand-alone.

The reason I wrote the book is because I believe it was my calling to tell the story, and to give hope to the good people of America’s working class.

Why would people need hope? Because what I saw were evil forces attacking the economy and, in doing so, hurting good people so the president couldn’t be reelected. The attacks would be so great, that it would create enough pressure on the president that he would counter attack in a way he otherwise wouldn’t have.

Every bit of this book was written before 2020.

Because I saw this coming, I feel less surprised than most Americans at current events, as the things I wrote between 2017 through 2019 already came true, including these quotes from the book:

“massive selling drove the stock market to another shutoff”

“The sell-off came as quickly as the traders could navigate. Fund managers had been given directives to sell prior to the opening bell”

Now, as the book is being released, other things in the book are unfolding:

“these globalists double down and kick off domestic insurrection in the cities”

“orchestrating the civil unrest”

“The fake story line was that social injustice was the cause of the riots.”

“With New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and LA in riots, they would create a call for help”

“known terrorists, who had started the riots”

“Looting and pillaging escalated across the city”

“driving up food prices”

I wrote this book to help readers realize what could be going on behind the scenes to bring about the largest economic resurgence in the past hundred years. In part, I wrote this book to get the message out and to give hope to as many people as possible at a time when it would undoubtedly be most needed.

As this book is being released, I’m feeling like I’m watching a movie I’ve already seen play out.

Read RETURN OF OUR COUNTRY, available on Amazon. I believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy it, and the more people read it, the more I believe I’ve fulfilled my purpose. Then, you can then sit back armed with the knowledge of what may be happening behind the scenes.

You’ll be exhilarated with this story.

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