The True story behind the National Anthem / Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key was a lawyer in Baltimore while the colonies were engaged in a vicious conflict with the globalist powers of Britain to subjugate (enslave) us. Because of the conflict, the British held prisoners so the American government began to negotiate for their release. The British were holding American prisoners behind bars and many in chains in boats about a thousand yards off shore. Francis Scott Key went out in a rowboat and successfully negotiated an exchange. After successfully negotiating, Key went down below to the prisoners and told the men of his successful negotiations.

When he went back up top, the Captain informed him of a new development.

He explained an ultimatum had been laid upon the colonies. “Your people with either capitulate and lay down the colors of that flag that you think so much of, or you see Fort Henry over there, we’re going to remove it from the face of the earth.” This meant that the fort was to lower the flag, signaling the country had surrendered. If this happened, there would be no freedom.

The captain pointed to the hundreds of ships in their proximity and across the horizon. The Captain said, “That’s the entire British war fleet.” The captain explained that all of their guns would be trained on that fort to demolish it and eradicate this America which will not give their money to the empire and so defiantly wants to let their people keep it.

Francis Scott Key pleaded passionately, explaining that the fort was predominately not a military fort and was filled with women, children, and civilians.

The Captain explained that they had left the colonists a way out. He said, “Do you see that flag way up on the rampart? We have told them that if they will lower that flag, the shelling will stop immediately! We’ll know that they have surrendered and you’ll now be under British rule.”

Francis Scott Key went down below and told the men what was about to happen. The fate of the nation could be at stake.

As twilight began to fall, haze developed over the calm ocean as it does on a still day at sunset.

Suddenly the British war fleet unleashed!

Key said there were so many cannons going off, the sound was defining. The boom was continuous and as the sun was set the sky became illuminated by the explosion of cannon fire. All he could hear from down below was the prisoners pleading, “Tell us where the flag is… what have they done with the flag… is the flag still flying over the rampart?”

The shelling continued for one hour, two hours, three hours… and more.

Every time a bomb would explode close to the flag, they could see the flag in the illuminated red glare of the explosion. Sometimes it appeared to be at a different angle, though Key didn’t think much of it at that time.

Key would report to the men below… “It’s still up.”

The British Admiral came to Key and said, “Your people are insane! What’s wrong with them?”

Francis Scott Key said he remembered what George Washington said, “The thing that sets the American Christian apart from all other people in the world is he will die on his feet before he’ll live on his knees.”

This fight was about a tyrant trying to enslave a whole country and all its future heirs.

Hours into this barrage, the Admiral told Keys that “we have now instructed all of the guns to focus on the rampart and take that flag down.”

Getting signals from other vessels and the land he continued, “We don’t understand… our reconnaissance tells us that that flag has been hit directly again… and again… and again and yet it’s still flying.”

He explained that now and for the next three hours, they were about to bring every gun to bear on the base of the flag to bring it down along with the hopes of a free people.

Francis Scott Key says, “That barrage was unmerciful…” All that he could hear was the men down below praying for God to keep that flag flying where they last saw it.

Sunrise finally came.

Keys said, “There was a heavy mist hanging over the land but the rampart was tall enough… there stood the flag completely in shreds. The flagpole itself was at a crazy angle, but the shredded flag was still at the top.”

When Francis Scott Key was finally let go to land, he immediately went to Fort Henry to see what happened.

What he found had happened was that the flagpole and flag had suffered repetitious direct hits… it had fallen… and when it had fallen, the men… some fathers knew what it meant for that flag to be on the ground. ..although knowing that the British guns were trained on it… they held it up… until they died and others took their place. Francis Scott Key documented that what held that flag pole up at that unusual angle were countless patriots body parts and bodies!


“Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It.” YouTube Video, 11:38. Posted by mona rose, July 6, 2013.



That time in history was a fight against the tyranny of excessive taxation by the globalist elites of the day! This fight has many similarities to today’s indirect deceptive globalist narrative. The same globalist forces have joined with others over the years and are now trying to embark on another takeover of the United States to enslave people through legal means of slavery (excessive taxation) of everything we’re worth. Everything your children hope to have.

Being under British rule back then was the same as the globalist agenda today. The globalists, otherwise known as “The establishment” are actually another word for CFR (Council of Foreign Relations). This is a group of very rich individuals who work together to take our money through legalized taxes, regulations, interest paid on national and personal debt, fiat money and other methods we can’t readily see. These are people who have established themselves in a way to receive money from us on a regular basis. They call it ORI (Ongoing Residual Income).

They make more money when they control trade and culture of countries so they can shift their businesses around the world at will to maximize their income. They care nothing about the middle class of America, in fact, they make more money if their businesses produce products in countries where they pay slave wages for labor, where there are few is any labor and environmental laws and where the laws allow them to take at will. That is a high level meaning of globalists and it’s why they want the American economy to decline. If we let them divide us or surrender, we will be disarmed, made an indentured servant (you’re free to drive to a store but you don’t own many real assets), and will be penalized with more taxation to the point where we no longer own anything. Today’s fight is the modern-day globalist agenda of what the colonialization was then. They use false narratives, segregation, laws and the IRS to enslave us, take your money and funnel it to themselves, while giving a pittance to others to propagate the ruse that they’re giving to people who need it.

Fight against anyone who who’s increasing taxation-it’s only elites taking our money for themselves. Support anyone who is trying to reduce federal taxation and let the middle class keep more of what’s rightfully theirs. Fight for your freedom!

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