Over seven years ago, a strong feeling/premonition led me to begin writing “Return of the Founding Fathers’ Guardians.”

As my editor wrote to someone else earlier this month, “Some years ago, he dreamed/imagined a businessman with no prior political experience running for President of the United States. He imagined further that our Founding Fathers were guided by archangels, and with anecdotal and factual incidents, he establishes this, and then creates a group of patriots today, who are determined to reestablish the economic opportunities that our society once enjoyed.”

She went on to say, “This book is eerily pertinent to our current political events and is action filled and gripping.”

On a previous blog post about the meaning of the word “Guardians” in the title of the book, we cover the premonition I received on how the Founding Fathers’ Guardians could return. When I did the research, I was astounded. Today, as I await the election results I wonder how much of this vision was and is real.

Let’s review what’s happened so far. For those of you who are reading this for the first time, let me outline a few things in the book that have come true.

I had a vision of a non-politician billionaire who would run for President and against all odds, gain his party’s nomination! That has come true.

In the book, I stated that he is “Like a rogue general” who can’t be “controlled”. That’s turned out to be true (in my opinion), although the character in my book is a much nicer person than the one “depicted” by the media. (I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Trump)

A supreme court justice murdered the year before the election (you make that call) and another saying they’re retiring for health reasons after the election… you’ll have to read the book to find out that it wasn’t simply health reasons.

Evidence of stock market manipulation (proof is posted on my Facebook page).

The vision of the attacks from almost every angle and group who feeds off the demise of the middle class has come true.

The question that still remains is, will he (the billionaire non-politician) win the election? In my vision/premonition and book, last minute things happen that lead to a huge victory by this billionaire non-politician. Let’s see if last minute things happen to swing the election to Trump.

As I sit here today, October 23, 2016 and for the past few months, I wonder, will this prediction come true? Will it help drive people to the book to read the crucial messages embedded in it for the past, present and the critical things that come next… what I was told that will happen next?

Together we’ll soon see!

(btw, for now, I pulled my 401K out of the riskiest stocks and into the most conservative bond fund available).

When this comes true, you can rest assured that you’ll be one of the few people who know of this premonition, this book, and this blog post. I’m currently known very little.

With a Trump win, you’ll know that there is a roll for you and for me in the future of this country.

Read and share to make others aware!!!

David M. Burke


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