What are Globalists?

“Globalists”, otherwise known as “The establishment” are actually another word for CFR (Council of Foreign Relations). They are a group of very rich individuals who work together to maximize their wealth by controlling trade, economics, taxes and just about anything else that maximizes their income.

Unfortunately for us, they make more money when the middle class of America makes and keeps less!

Years ago, a known globalist had the idea of using the country’s military to take money from us through legalized taxes, regulations, interest paid on national and personal debt, fiat money and other methods we can’t easily detect. He thought if he could get the strongest force in the world (US military) to enforce him and his cronies getting our money, that would be the ultimate secure business model. The following year, the armed IRS was established.

These “globalists” are people who have “established” themselves in a position to receive money from us on a regular basis. They call it Ongoing Residual Income (ORI). Literally every month almost all of us give them money and get nothing in return. The CFR is a group who actually control as much currency, trade, regulations, etc. as they can. Their agenda is to continuously increase their control of these things. By using regulations and barriers to free trade, they make it more expensive to produce a product in the USA, providing the reasoning to shift that business to a country where they can maximize their profit – that’s why they hate Trump and the fact that he did not sign the Paris Accord or the TPP.

They care nothing about the middle class of America, because they make more money if their businesses produce products in countries where they pay slave wages for labor, where there are few is any labor and environmental laws and where the laws allow them to take at will. That is a high level meaning of globalists and it’s why they want the American economy to decline.

Seven percent of all Federal outlays is paid in the form of interest, of which most of this goes to the globalists. U.S. interest payments now are around 300 Billion dollars annually. Divide that by the number of people paying federal income taxes and if you make approximately $60,000 annually, you are giving the globalists approximately $200 every month. That’s ORI (ongoing residual income) you are paying them. That’s “established/establishment” money and it’s only one of their ways of getting your money.

In addition to these obvious means of them getting money from us, they tried to put together carbon taxes, global warming taxes and other forms of taxation. What they didn’t tell you is the money was slated to go to a PRIVATE globalist organization for them to disperse as they wished, without any legal oversight whatsoever similar to the Federal Reserve system that cannot be audited – even though there was 10 trillion dollars missing during the previous administration. That’s $76,000 per person who pays federal income taxes. Add the bailouts and other things that went to the globalists and you can begin to see the magnitude of the money they take from us.

Globalists can be defined as people who make themselves richer by taking our money at established intervals. We all need to realize that the globalist model it to increase our regulations and taxes more and more. I hope you see why we need to fight globalism now.

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