What do we mean by the dissolution of the middle class?

Simply put, the middle class is dissolved/eliminated/shrunk again and again and again, until it’s gone.

Here’s how it’s happening to you and your children right now! You must decide if you want this to continue, or you want to undue it!

The middle class is defined in part as: individuals – you – having enough discretionary income after paying bills so as to still have a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. For the past several years, this discretionary income number has been approximately $1,000/Month for the average middle class family.

Now, let’s look at what has happened to you and your children.

Summary (est.) of money recently taken from middle class families in the last few years*:

  • $200/Month – increase in Social Security Tax (not going to retired people) (tax went from 4% to 6%)
  • $100/Month – increase in FICA tax
  • $??/Month – Increase in other taxes & fees for taxes plus regulatory tax
  • $100/Month – MINIMUM for medical
  • $100/Month – Minimum in real wage reduction (real inflation % – actual wage increase) (most people who didn’t get promoted lost this each year for the past five years.

And here’s what is about to happen to you and your children.

You and your children are about to lose this unless it’s undone*:

  • $200/Month – coming interest on increased national debt (total additional debt x 1.75% interest / # of people paying)
  • $300/Month – MINIMUM for medical Obamacare so far (my deductible went up by approx. $5,000/yr.)
  • $100/Month – Minimum in real wage reduction (real inflation % – actual wage increase) (people over 35 are going to continue to lose 1% every year. Over the next 8 years, depending on who’s in office, that can be an additional loss of 9.5% to add to the rest).

* These numbers are estimates of two people each making approximately $60,000 / yr.

Thus about half of the country will be reduced to ZERO discretionary income, forcing them into a much lower standard of living. Then half of the remaining wage earners will/are having their discretionary income cut in half.

The government classifies discretionary income as including such items as cell phones, cable TV, internet, extra clothing, gas, tutors and toys for your children. This means that real average discretionary income is about five hundred dollars/month.

There can be debate that some of these numbers should be larger or smaller, but the principle remains the same. We see it every day. Your children will be reduced to zero discretionary income unless you act today. Will you fight to give this back to your children, or sit back and allow the establishment to keep taking from them?

Get involved. Get this into the hands of other members of the middle class, and especially those who have children. I’m fighting for my four children. How about you? Government statisticians know that your children will keep cell phones, cable TV, etc., but with a lower standard of living, they will NOT put this money into retirement funds! This is planned dissolution of the middle class.

Time is running out! Share this NOW!

Undoing this is our only hope. It’s where we must start!

One candidate promises to undo some of this for a start, the other, from what I’ve calculated is going to cost you and your children an additional $500/month minimum, before the TPP is passed. Put your emotion where it should be! Your family’s lifestyle is being attacked. Stand up at election time and protect them!

The Founding Fathers aligned on one principle: that no government should by force, take from them and their families. Declare your independence from the one world government establishment.

Remember the theme of this book! Read, and share this information and read my previous post to refresh your knowledge and resolve!

David Burke

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